Experimental contemporary photographer Cynthia Karalla, influenced by Eugene Atget (1857-1927) and his photos of the trees around Versailles and Saint Cloud, Karalla like Atget, pays homage to the tree and its heroic position living within a man-made world. But she is also inspired by the moody renderings of “Gotham” by Hugh Ferriss (1889-1962) that reveal life in a gothic soul-less city. Experimental photography can be, at its most basic, about grabbing a camera and experimenting by shooting everything you see. And while this is close to what it means, if we think of it in that way, we miss a deeper meaning.

You see, experimental photography is not so much about what or how you frame the subject or what camera and lens you use, but it’s more about the state of mind of the photographer. And it’s not about whether the artist is happy or sad; mad or excited. It’s about first, unedited photo shooting – no notion of what you want to achieve, no filters, no preconceptions – and secondly, about evaluating the results (not the other way around). “There are no failures” in experimental photography Cynthia told me one time, “… you learn along the way and there’s nothing to lose. Finding something is the reward and there’s never any loss”.

Case in point, after 6 years of photographing the same tree in the park, it was only recently that she got something she could actually embrace. It wasn’t the tree that changed, but it was everything around it (including her) that finally let her see and represent the tree in its proper relation to its surroundings. Patience really is a virtue! by Richard Rabel



Collections -

Museum of Modern Art, NYC, USA
Cooper-Hewitt Museum, NYC, USA
Yokohama Museum, Tokyo, Japan
New York Public Library, NYC, USA
Daniel Katz, London, U.K.
Koc Holding, Istanbul, Turkey
Edward R. Downe Jr, NYC, USA
  Esra Ekmekci, Istanbul, Turkey
  Ronnette Riley, NYC, USA
  Jeff Carey, NYC, USA
  Barbara Binder, Martha's Vineyard, USA
  Judith Edge, Matera, Italy
  Joel Bluestein, NYC, USA
  Nathalie Bru, Paris, France
  Frank Mattondo, NYC, USA
  Sandy Alpert ┬áNYC, USA
  Edmond Hollander NY, USA
  Zev Eisenberg NYC, USA
  In the estate of Ali Can Ertug

Exhibitions -

Ballarat International Foto Biennale, Australia
The Baby Grand Piano' The Cynthia Corbett Gallery, Slick, Paris, France
  The Baby Grand Piano' The Cynthia Corbett Gallery, Bridge Art Fair, London 07, London, U.K.
  Untitled' (Mona Lisa) Opera Arte e Arti, Matera, Italy
I Santi' Headbones Drawers Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  Portfolio' Pool Art Fair, NYC, USA
Visionari Primitivi Eccentrici - 2005 - 2006 - Galleria Civica - Palazzo Loffredo, Potenza, Italy
  Rubber Souls,' Digi-Arte 2005, University of Florence, Sesto Fiorentino, Florence, Italy
  Busted,' Superlative Exposition, Dekalb Area Women’s Center, Chicago, USA
  Baby Grand Intro & Humanity,' Young Willing & Hungry: curated by Andres Serrano at the Jen Bekman Gallery, NYC
Rubber Souls & I Santi,' 'Metamorphosis di una citta: architettura contemporanea a Matera, Bari, and Florence Italy / Madrid, Spain
  Humanity,' The Underground Art Fair, NYC, USA
  Eleven,' Bassel Art Fair, NYC, USA
Madonna in the Chair,' from the Humanity Series, Pels-Leusden Galerie, Zurich, Switzerland
  Limmagine della Donna nell,' Arte del 3┬░ Millennio, Ex-Convento delle Suore Pie, Brindisi, Italy
I Santi, a Viso Aperto,' Puglia, Italy
  Eleven,' video project. Arteria, Matera, Italy
'I Santi, a Viso Aperto,' Matera. Sassi, Matera, Italy
  Busted Prints,' Because Sex Sells. Nikolia Fine Art, NYC, USA
'The Praying Mass,' The Ukrainian Institute, NYC, USA
  Narcy,' (short for Narcissism), Gershwin Gallery Space, NYC, USA
The Irony of Ironing,' The Ukrainian Institute, NYC, USA
  Karallas Corolla,' 1999 Auto Show at the Javitt Center, NYC, USA
  Karallas Corolla,' The Orange Art-car Show, Houston, Texas, USA
Spaces Dressed in White,' The Wall at NYU, NYC, USA
  Boyfriends in Rocken Shades,' Gallery U, NYC, USA
  Virtue = Rebel,' Gubala Gallery, NYC, USA
The X-Girlfriend of Marcel Proust,' at The AlleyCat Gallery, NYC, USA
  Christ,' at E.S.V. Vandam Gallery, NYC, USA
  Nervous Collector,' The AlleyCat Gallery, NYC, USA
  Comprachicoes in the Raw,' at The AlleyCat Gallery, NYC, USA
Comprachicoes in the Raw,' at The Puck Building Exhibition Space, NYC, USA
'Eat Cake all Natural Ingredients,' National Academy of Arts, NYC, USA
'Layers of Life,' Museum of Contemporary Arts, NYC, USA
  Layers of Life,' Soho 20, NYC, USA
  Layers,' Synchronicity Space, NYC, USA
  Layers,' Under Acme Exhibition Space, NYC, USA

Writings -

Dilated Pupils,' in the process
The Third World'
'Comprachicoes in the Raw'
Video -
Love Is Blind
More French
The Process
'Eleven' (One minute and Eleven Seconds)
Narcy' (Short for Narcissism)

Documentation -

2002 & 2003
Eleven,' with a discussion panel
Mary & Jesus,' Backstage, Documenting the last night of shooting the still.
Karalla's Rolle Back Sculpture, Filmed by Tatsushi Tahara

Publications -

Ragazine, September and October issue, "The Ambiguous Road"
L'Oeil, August, "The Ambiguous Road"
Ragazine, November & December issue, "Bleached"
AS IF Magazine, issue No 2, page 4-7 & 10-13 "The Hopeless Romantic, Imortalizing the Underdog"
AS IF Magazine, issue No 1, page 102-107 "Fat Lands"
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  Art Review October 2007
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Saatchi & Saatchi, Lovemarks German Edition, the art directors cut. Image "Rubber Souls 'SunFlower.'"
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