Creating a project to sleep by.
If I could sleep and let the camera work, my job would be done in the morning when I woke, wrong. Failed attempt 1.

Rethinking the dynamics of the camera, light is the major source for an image.

Around midnight as everything went dark, a new experimental thought; open shutter, with me and the flash of light in motion, it works. But crawling to my bed at 5 or 6 in the morning, I was still not sleeping. Failed attempt 2.

Another idea, build a light proof box to shoot in during the daytime hours. After 3 days of non-stop work, I created a light proof box measuring 112” long by 55” wide and 48” in height. I crawled into the dark box with tripod, camera and flash, now for the test. After shooting 30 photos I crawled out to check the results. There was no place for the light to go, the experiment became Failed attempt 3.

The box now began a surface to collect packages from daily shopping ventures. As friends would stop by, the conversation would quickly go to the box, What is it, and did it work? So this conversation box lead to group sessions of shooting in the dark. The group of friends would move through the dark. They had no idea when or where the flash would strike as I had no idea where my willing subjects would be, example 1 & 2… Leaving everyone in the dark and me still not sleeping… Failed attempt 4.


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